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Why choose me?

Hi, I’m Lindsay Smyth and I’m Passionate about hypnotherapy

  • I turned to hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression and it changed my life
  • Evidence based – I use the best available research combined with clinical judgement to help you achieve long lasting changes


  • I’m committed to helping you achieve the changes you desire
  • Knowledgeable – trained with a world-class hypnotherapist
  • Up to date skills – you benefit from the latest evidence-based techniques and approaches
  • Ethical – no regression
  • Confidential – you’ll deal with me personally during every step of treatment
  • Member of UK regulator – CNHC
  • Fully insured to practice in the UK
  • Honest, straightforward, practical and down to earth
  • Free initial consultation
  • I only accept clients I believe I can help.

A treatment programme just for you

A tailor-made programme is created just for you. We’ll work together using evidence-based techniques and strategies to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve.


– Benefits in just a few sessions, depending on the issues.

– Short wait times for treatment

– An alternative to medication

– Confidential – hypnotherapy isn’t detailed on main medical records

– The skills learned can be applied in many areas of your life

-Support between sessions

– Supports long term  changes in behaviour.


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