Weight Loss & Management

Perhaps you’re an emotional eater or you’ve got into bad habits and are struggling to find motivation. This may be compounded by lifestyle issues or injury.

Your tendency to overeat could be a learned behaviour. By clearing our plates, many of us were rewarded with praise and acceptance when we were children. It’s also likely that if you’re overweight, your parents and siblings are too.


What Do You Want To Do?

Successful weight loss is made up of many factors but the most important is getting into the right frame of mind. This is where I come in.

  • Drop a dress size or more
  • Feel sexy and confident
  • Wear fashionable clothes or fit in you clothes
  • Stop seeing food as the enemy
  • See your children grow up
  • Be a good role model for your children
  • Control type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Wear a bikini
  • Avoid having to ask for the lap-belt extension when you fly

The Science Bit

Hypnosis is effective for weight reduction. Most of the research for hypnosis in alleviating unwanted habits is based upon positive suggestion. In addition, there are a number of evidence-based techniques and strategies that can be used for weight loss and other issues.

Think & Feel Differently

We’ll look at your eating habits and behaviours as well as emotional and environmental reasons for overeating. You’ll learn new simple but powerful techniques to help you get and stay on track which may include:

  • Staying MOTIVATED
  • Achieving goals
  • Eating more mindfully and less
  • Changing how you think, feel and behave about food
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Letting go of cravings
  • Better ways of coping

Evidence Based Hypnotherapy

You’ll learn:

How Many Sessions?

A minimum of 4 sessions are needed. Some people choose to invest in a monthly top-up to keep them on track.