I’ve helped many hundreds of people over the years with interviews, presenting at work and driving tests all the way through to panic attacks and everything in between. I suffered too, so I get it.

Are you avoiding situations or escaping from them when you feel you can’t cope?

Long Term Consequences

The higher your blood pressure, the harder your heart has to work. Damage to your arteries, blood vessels, and heart muscle can be caused, leading to:


The Causes

There’s no clear medical cause. However, diet, stress, and being overweight may increase your risks of developing essential hypertension.

The Good News

While there is no cure, lifestyle changes can lower your blood pressure, including exercising, stopping smoking, eating a low salt, low fat diet, maintaining a normal weight, limiting alcohol & reducing stress levels. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this.

The Science Bit

There are impressive studies showing the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating hypertension and helping to lower blood pressure.

There is evidence hypnosis can be used to move blood into other parts of the body or even to control bleeding.

When using a pain relief technique called glove anaesthesia the hand is noticeably paler as the blood drains away.

In these circumstances you can suggest only one hole will bleed when a pin is removed from the skin – and it happens.

Evidence Based Hypnotherapy

You’ll learn how:

Allowing you to take back control.

How Many Sessions?

A minimum of 4 sessions are needed to treat your unique combination of high blood pressure factors. Sessions are tailored to your needs so you get the most benefit in the shortest possible time.

I offer a free initial consultation during which we discuss a personalised treatment plan and the number of sessions required.