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Relationship problems in North Belfast

It can be hard to get along with everyone, all of the time. And occasionally, our relationships can really mess us up. You might be:

  • Recovering from a nasty divorce or relationship breakup
  • Constantly analysing why a relationship ended
  • Lacking confidence
  • Finding it difficult to cope or move on
  • Finding your life overshadowed by a critical parent.

Therapies-happy-ladyLet go and move on – Evidence based hypnotherapy for you to succeed

We’ll focus on how you want to be feeling, thinking and behaving and devise a plan to get you there.

You’ll learn simple, powerful techniques to help you get over negative emotions, boost your self-esteem and see a positive future.

You’ll feel calmer, more relaxed and confident, and ready to face the future.

How many sessions?

How long it takes will depend on your needs and situation.


I offer a free initial consultation during which we discuss a personalised treatment plan and the number of sessions required.

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