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Hypnobirthing in North Belfast

You’re probably feeling really excited about meeting your baby but a bit nervous about the birth. You don’t know what to expect and the only births you’ve seen are on One Born Every Minute, which you probably watch through your fingers. And why do other women seem to take delight in telling you their horror stories?

Therapies-happy-ladyA better journey to delivery…

Hypnotherapy helps reduce fears and misconceptions, giving you trust and confidence in your body and your capabilities.

You will learn how to mentally and physically relax, by using relaxation and breathing techniques, self-hypnosis and visualisation.

Powerful, hypnotic suggestions help you feel confident, calm and in control throughout the birth experience. As your expectations evolve, you become more positive about labour – the final step in your journey to meet your wonderful baby.

…and I should know!

We used hypnobirthing techniques for our birth – they really did work for us! Our birth experience was much more positive than friends and women in my ante-natal group who didn’t use the techniques. This is despite the fact my care was Obstetrician-led, I was induced and it certainly didn’t go as planned. I believe it’s very likely I’d have had a caesarean section if I hadn’t used hypnobirthing techniques.

My recovery was also really quick and uneventful.

Most importantly, we had a really relaxed, happy, healthy baby who was sleeping 12+ hours a night before 3 months old. We think much of this is due to the hypnotherapy for relaxation I used during my pregnancy as well as during the birth. It’s also brilliant training for calm parenting!

Hypnobirthing benefits

Hypnobirthing is for you, if you want:

  • to feel confident, calm and in control during childbirth
  • increased likelihood of a vaginal birth
  • a shorter, naturally paced birth
  • a quicker recovery
  • to reduce the likelihood of needing pain relief and surgical interventions (i.e. episiotomy, forceps, ventouse, caesarean section)
  • to build your birthing partner’s confidence and give them a clear supporting role.

Hypnobirthing babies have higher Apgar scores – the test that evaluates your newborn baby’s wellbeing.

And don’t just take my word for it…

I used these techniques for the birth of our baby so I know they work. But did you know Hypnobirthing has been backed up by several relatively large-scale studies, one of which found that self-hypnosis during childbirth eased some of the pain of labour, lowered the risk of medical complications and reduced the need for surgery.

Another study found that Hypnotherapy shortened the first and second stages of labour. For women having their first babies, the first stage was reduced from an average of 9.3 hours to 6.4 hours, and the second stage from 50 minutes to 37 minutes on average.

In December 2011 the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) produced “Research overview: Self-hypnosis for labour and birth” which references many studies. Click here

Barnsley Hospital introduced Hypnobirthing in 2010. In 2012, Colchester Hospital, as well as Clacton and Harwich hospitals, trained midwives to become Hypnobirthing practitioners.

In May 2011 the NHS started a study is to test the effectiveness of ‘Hypnobirthing’ in a pilot scheme at maternity units across the North West of England.

How many sessions?

Hypnobirthing courses for mother and birthing partner are delivered:

  • one-to-one tailored course at your home lasting 6 hours or over 2 shorter sessions
  • one day group course for up to 6 couples

You will be provided with MP3 files so that you can practice the techniques outside of the sessions.

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