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Corporate Services

If people are happy and healthy, they’re likely to perform better at what they do. I offer Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to businesses on an adhoc or contractual basis. I work with employees and occupational health/other health professionals to reduce sickness absence.

Therapies-happy-ladyTypical examples include:

  • Group smoking cessation sessions to support sites/businesses which are going smoke free. A survey carried out by electronic cigarette retailer ECigareetDirect.co.uk showed that smokers spend up to an hour away from their desk every day – 5 weeks a year. Even light smokers spend 1½ hours less at work each week while heavy smokers (30 a day) spend an average of 2½ hours a day smoking. On average smokers also have 8 more sick days per year than non smokers.
  • Hypnotherapy helps people cope with pain and discomfort. It also allows them to identify and resolve psychological issues which are halting their recovery.

I help people to understand if their illness/condition/problem behaviour offers secondary benefits they find difficult to let go. An employee may have a sense of identify linked to their illness or receive special treatment from friends, family and colleagues. This may be the only way they have been able to meet their needs.

  • I work alongside occupational health/other health professionals to help employees suffering from stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and results are normally fast.

A study conducted by the International Stress Management Association found that more than half of people in work had suffered from stress over a period of a year. Also, statistics have shown that a quarter of working people had taken time off sick due to stress and that stress is the leading cause of sick leave.

I offer employee discounts if you publicise my services internally as your supplier of choice. This makes Hypnotherapy and NLP more affordable for employees at little cost to the business.

To discuss how I can support your business contact me by phone or email.

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